Savoyard biodynamic vineyard

of 13 lunes

Vineyard conducted in organic farming and biodynamics

Located in the Alps between Isère and Savoie, our vines flourish on the slopes of the Chartreuse natural park. Our terroir comes from an important scree in the 13th century offering a rare variety of soil, at the foot of Mont Granier.

The Estate was taken over at the end of 2016, it is conducted in organic farming and biodynamics.

Jacquère • Altesse • Velteliner • Gamay • Mondeuse

The wines of the estate


Hand harvested

With little or without sulphites

“I try every day to be happy with my life as a winegrower, to take care of the living things around me, to be creative in my way of doing things, to practice biodynamic agriculture, to make wines that are the photograph of last year, in order to share this little piece of history with everyone.”

Sylvain Liotard, Winemaker

The cycle of the vine

People at every step

Manual harvest

It is by selecting our grapes by hand that the best aromatic potential is expressed

Respect for the soil and the living

Limitation of plowing, light mechanization and decoctions of plants, biodynamic preparations.

Cycle de la vigne | Domaine des 13 Lunes

Manual pruning

We practice soft pruning with respect for the vine

Careful disbudding

Disbudding foot by foot by hand

Our history


The estate is located in a privileged environment. Anxious to preserve it, we make sure to reduce our impact as much as possible.

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