The vintages of the domain

Our wines

At the estate we work 5 grape varieties:

Jacquère, Altesse and Velteliner for white grapes.

Mondeuse and Gamay for black (red) grapes.

Our wines are available in 75cl bottles and in magnum (1.5l) for all except Abymes (75cl only).

Our cuvées

Our white wines

100% Jacquère


This white wine is a 100% Jacquère mono-varietal. Aged in stainless steel tanks 100% on integral lees. Light and refreshing, it will accompany Savoyard specialties but also your fish, your poultry and your best aperitifs.

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 8 – 10°

100% Jacquère

Mise en Abymes

This white wine is a single grape variety 100% Jacquère harvested in Isère. Light and refreshing it will accompany your seafood, lake fish, cheeses and your aperitifs always in good company!

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 8-10°

Ami-Amis | Domaine des 13 Lunes
Velteliner • Altesse • Jacquère

Ami Amis

Cuvée in tribute to the precious help of our friends since the beginning of the adventure. This gastronomic wine is a blend of our 3 white grape varieties: Altesse, Jacquère, “early red” Velteliner. Aged for 10 months in stainless steel vats and barrels. It will accompany your beautiful tables.

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 10-12°

Roussette • Altesse

Une Hirondelle

A swallow… Does not make spring in reference to climatic hazards and repeated frosts. This aromatic and floral wine is a 100% highness mono-varietal. Aged for 10 months in stainless steel vats and new barrels. From Savoyard gastronomy to your finest dishes, it will adapt to all your desires and your dates.

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 10 – 12°

Une Hirondelle | Domaine des 13 Lunes
Our cuvées

Our red wines

Coeur en Goguette | Domaine des 13 Lunes
Gamay •  Mondeuse

Le Cœur en Goguette

This red wine is a blend of Gamay and Mondeuse. Aged for 10 months, whole harvest vinification. This friendly wine that goes from your duck breast to your best pizzas.

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 16°


La Nuit nous appartient

This red wine is a 100% Mondeuse mono-varietal, emblematic of Savoy. Aged for about 12 months in oak barrels and in tuns. This gastronomic wine for laying down will accompany your red meats, grilled meats…

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 18°

La Nuit nous appartient | Domaine des 13 Lunes
Our cuvées

Our sparkling wines

Les 13 Bulles | Domaine des 13 Lunes
100% Jacquère

13 Bulles

A sparkling white wine, a 100% Jacquère ancestral method that will brighten up all your parties and your best parties.

Clay-limestone soil

Serving temperature : 8-10°